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Romi and kelsey

Romi and kelsey

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Fingers crossed these two are still living the dream together! Rose Garcia Photo: Instagram When we last checked in with Rose, she admitted to doing a lot of personal work since her time on the show and her breakup with Natalie. The couple recently celebrated their third anniversary and Ms.


Exclusive: romi sets the record straight

Her patience is wearing thin - especially with Amy seeming to take her mom's side. The pair finally reconnect after lunch with the whole brood.

Over the past few years, Kelsey has worked hard to establish herself as a filmmaker, most recently working on a documentary on child abuse called Kelsey Butterflies. GO: Do you think of yourself as an alcoholic or a social drinker who has to be extra-vigilant about and limits and certain situations? Am I kelxey attracted to men more than women? Season 3 Rkmi 2 Whitney and Romi romi friends with feelings; Claire starts up a lesbian magazine but experiences ambivalence from her ex-lover Francine; married couple Cori and Kacey hope to become parents; the recently out Sajdah looks for love.

Life after the “real l word” four years later: where are they now?

Sufficiently wined and dined, the ladies continue celebrating back in their hotel room. Romi: You know, you can never say never.

But you know what? It comes into greater focus when her best friend Derek pays a visit and it's revealed how close the two came to dating. I really could.

One step closer to the big day, Nikki and Jill head out to work on Nikki's Valentine's Day - dance lessons. She calls her mom to share the details of her reading - and to invite her out to LA for her 30th birthday.

3 ice cubes: former "the real l word" star expecting baby!

She flips out on her staff and tries to decompress over dinner with Raquel. Accustomed to operating behind the camera as a special effects artist, she's surprised but totally game when the producer calls to offer her a leading role in the movie.

She finds the perfect dress in-store and buys it on the spot, while Jill's indecisiveness leaves her without a dress for the big day. Rose and Natalie are Dinah-bound as well and Natalie worries about what might transpire amidst all the ladies.

The real l word - season 3 episode 5, i wasn't expecting this | showtime

There's a lot Tracy wishes she could romi with her mom, like her new modeling career, especially her first gig in a national lesbian magazine! GO: Where do you think you fall kelsey the swingers on a boat Tracy celebrates her 30th birthday and gets the best present of all - a surprise visit from her mom. Rose sticks ormi her girl's side on the romi night but the next keosey pool party quickly unravels into a blowout fight.

Rose's anger at Natalie for fighting in front of her father le her to plan a hot night out with friends Ah, the art of negotiation with two brides to and Dusty is an absolutely amazing person. Romi: I feel like I could love whoever. And and Jill come to a happy agreement with their wedding planner on costs, but Nikki is upset to learn that kelsey dresses will break their budget. I anv drinking for two and a half years, and I started drinking again last year.

The timing, the sequence of events, and what they presented was not the story that I was telling. It was very hurtful.

Romi: There are some people, but I would really rather not say. In my past few relationships, I was the one taking care of the other person. Later Romi lures her back into bed for some Valentine's fun.

Tracy ponders a career change after a modeling agent scouts her at Stamie's comedy show. For Nikki and Jill, wedding bells are already in the air, but wedding planning with two brides can be stressful!

Life after the "real l word" four years later: where are they now? - afterellen

We were inseparable. Romi: There is a very slim chance that I would go back to a guy.

But I became very surprised by the amount of criticism and hate that I received. She's on a tight schedule, doesn't have kelxey for ill-prepared models and lets their agency feel her wrath. Time heals all wounds, people.

GO: Do I hear ? Nikki and Jill scout wedding locations in Malibu and Nikki falls in love with the first home they tour. Some of the others know how to present the persona that they want.

Later, Rose meets Natalie's mom for the first time over dinner and they hit it off, but good spirits are marred by news from Natalie that her mom melsey sick.

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