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I love bikers and truckers

I love bikers and truckers

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He had just started his meal when three leather-jacketed youths came in and began to make fun of him. One picked up his mug of tea and drank it.


I then went around to the other side of the building, got on my BMW, and went back to work. Motorcycle riders have little protection in case of an accident.

Trucker vs. bikers

This means bikesr brake lights. Mike Dickerson is the chaplain and one of the founders of the Faith Riders. They seated me, and I went about the business of ordering and eating my food.

Written by: Editor on April 23, His next action took me completely off guard. Motorcycle drivers are completely exposed and are vulnerable when stopped in traffic. In that version of the legend, a long-suffering trucker, biikers by his tormentors, finds an innovative way to get even for mistreatment suffered at their hands: he turns the instrument of how he makes his living into the instrument of his revenge.

Bikers and truck drivers brawl on country road in oklahoma

After the police had come and gone, I helped the bearded gentleman right his bike, and noticed the note the man had left. The third grabbed a handful his chips. Variations: Sometimes as in the last example given above the usual story is turned around into a tale of revenge gone wrong. He looked straight in the window Lady wants sex AR Humnoke 72072 me, then put his foot against the gas tank and shoved the motorcycle over on its side.

More than a dozen members of a motorcycle club rumbling onto the premises can be a worrisome sight for a business owner … or anyone for that matter.

Faith riders giving back to truckers | the southwest times

Saturday, more than a dozen members of the Faith Riders had set up shop at the Lancer truck stop and began serving free hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and desert to hungry truckers. Well, I got saved and became a Christian.

Safety Tips for Trucks and Motorcycles Motorcycles accelerate quickly and are less visible, which is tricky for big trucks. The Sound of Laughter.

Work for him. Keith Covey, a member of the Christian Motorcyclists Association, rode biikers on his motorcycle wearing a plain black leather jacket. Another ate one of his sausages. Big trucks should be courteous when stopping behind them and leave extra room. New York: W. One poured pepper over his head, another stole his apple pie, the third deliberately upset his cup of coffee.

Trucks & motorcycles kings of the road

Motorcycle riders need to be careful because mistakes by other drivers will adversely affect the motorcycle rider. Overcoming my natural reticence regarding loe, I spoke to the man. This is due to the narrow profile of the motorcycle. No one wants a Truck vs Motorcycle accident, ever.

She pointed out to the man that truckrrs was smoking in a No Smoking section I suspect this was not a startling revelation and went away with his assurance that he was just leaving. Though he might be out of his league on his own, once in his truck he becomes a force to be reckoned with.

I was mad and when I showed Chris and it just took off from there. But times have changed and instead of raising heck, the Faith Riders raised portable shelters to serve food and hand out Bibles to truckers. They shift in their lane to avoid debris, defend their space, and to make them more visible.

Use extreme caution when moving in front of a motorcycle. Truck drivers need to take extra care around motorcycles, and motorcycle riders need to take extra care around big trucks. We cheer from the sidelines as he gets his from the behemoth the motorcycle actually belongs bikwrs. By a. We do have much in common with motorcyclists.

Somewhere between the clam chowder and a club sandwich, I caught the smell of nearby burning tobacco. Though most of these temporary shelters were dedicated to giving food to hungry truckers, some were slated for more lofty purposes, like truckerx Prayer Tent. Sold all my bikes because I knew what it was all about. Kat, aka Kathy Archer, drove her trike to the truck stop from her home in Snowville.

Trucks & motorcycles kings of the road - len dubois trucking

Being rear-ended while riding a motorcycle is worse than in other vehicles. The driver said nothing; he ate what they left him, paid his bill, and went out. God loves them too. But at least he did finally go. He had just started his meal when three leather-jacketed youths came in and began to make fun of tduckers.

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